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Use our website to buy the fortune cookies that you have always wanted. We offer our cookies in different packages and with your own text. Suitable for all applications.

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We offer custom made fortune cookies. Write your own texts for your Fortune Cookies. Decide on a message and write it down in around 150 characters. Each order may include 5 custom texts. If you would like more texts, want to add your logo or print the text on both sides … No problem. We can do that too.

Consider the Fortune Cookie slip of paper as a perfect communication medium. Whether you phrase your text informally, concisely, comically or spiritually. With a logo, winning number, photo, website address or QR code. Your message will most certainly be read!


You can create your own texts from 300 pieces upwards. If you have no inspiration or would you rather be surprised by the best pieces of wisdom, quotes and predictions we have already collected for you. Ask for the possibilities.

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Did you know?

Rumours that fortune cookies were invented in China are generally accepted to be false. In 1989, fortune cookies were reportedly imported into Hong Kong and sold as “genuine American fortune cookies”. Wonton Food attempted to expand their fortune cookie business into China in 1992, but gave up after it became apparent that fortune cookies were considered “too American”.

Many sources regard the mooncake hidden message system used in the Ming revolution as a precursor to the modern-day fortune cookie. By adding the covert element to the myths of the fortune cookie, some found more meaning behind the simple treat. This led to the act of removing and replacing the fortune inside without breaking for an added bit of good luck.