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For over 20 years, Fortune Factory supplied the well-known Fortune Cookies to their clients all over Europe. To small and larger (inter)national companies, for private occasions, promotional purposes or – packed in gift boxes – for supermarkets. With a team of 20 employees, we delivered millions of Fortune Cookies throughout Europe.

Fortune Cookie Network

In cooperation with the largest European manufacturers of Fortune Cookies and companies with a relevant background, Fortune Cookie Network was launched in 2016.  Together we are able to produce and distribute more than 12 million Fortune Cookies per month. For sales and distribution we closely work together with ca. 50 companies active in the sales- , marketing or food industry, spread all over Europe.

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Agents Wanted

We are looking for: creative entrepreneurs. Someone who shares our passion and our vision. Someone who thinks in terms of opportunities, can motivate, who has a network in their own country and is able to expand it. As a native speaker, you have a personal network in the promotional area. Your network includes advertising agencies, direct marketing agencies, PR agencies, marketing managers, communication managers and any other parties in the promotional business.

Join the luck!

If you are interested, we would be glad to provide you with more information. Feel free to contact us.

Logic and Magic

A fortune cookie is not just a cookie. Opening and reading the text are exciting and fun. It’s like magic. You taste the quality of our Fortune Cookies in every bite. No one can resist opening one. The implicit promise nestled inside each tasty treat is a message of encouragement and optimism.

Within the Network we dream up new creative treats such as fair-trade cookies, gluten-free cookies, special promotions and packings. Allthough every company has his own, unique speciality, they all share the same passion. Spreading luck and happiness and making the best cookies you ever tasted!

Fortune Cookie with a writersblock - Fortune Cookie Network